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Are Your Meetings Smart Meetings?

Just as a SMART phone does more than make phone calls, a SMART Meeting does more than start and end on time. SMART meetings: Increase collaboration Resolve critical business issues Spark creativity […]

How to Read a Room Like a Pro

Seasoned experts who understand how to work with the energy of a room—a high school teacher, a legal mediator, and two business executives—help you handle any family, work or social interaction with […]

Meetings Got You Down? You Are Not Alone

The knee-jerk response to these statistics is to eliminate unnecessary meetings. (HBR Meeting Decision Tree)  We agree that makes sense. But if that is all you do, all you have is fewer […]

The Face of Courage

“I’m dying.” Jamie’s strong vibrant voice uttered these words as Emily and I, along with friends and family, gathered at a healing ceremony to honor, support, and show our love for Jamie […]