Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative leaders bring people together to get things done

When all is said and done, leadership is the ability to influence others. Collaborative leaders do this not through the power of their position, but through the way they work with others. They enlist people in the organization’s purpose. They build the connective tissue between people and organizations. They support people in achieving their goals. Most importantly, they develop the next generation of leaders.

9 steps to becoming an effective collaborative leader

  • Face reality and get others to do the same
  • Work with others to create a vision that everyone cares about
  • Develop ethical working relationships
  • Take responsibility for decisions you make
  • Handle the dilemmas that come your way
  • Strive for greatness
  • Face self-deception
  • Listen until you can’t stand it, then listen some more
  • Build leadership capacity in yourself and others

How to develop collaborative leaders

We provide individual coaching to members of your organization as they seek to become more collaborative leaders.

We provide collaborative leadership workshops. Using the Leadership Diamond® and the latest neuroscience, we provide leaders with the collaborative leadership skills necessary to work in today’s complex environments. Our workshops are custom designed to fit your organization, its culture, and the leadership issues it is facing.

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