Everyday Employee Engagement

Everyday Employee

Are you sitting with engagement survey results, and not sure what to do?

  • You can do nothing (surprisingly, that is what many companies do!)
  • You can meet as a management team and respond to the survey results in isolation
  • You can improve productivity and employee communication using our Everyday Employee Engagement process


Our Everyday Employee Engagement workshops provide the opportunity for people to work in a supportive atmosphere as they strive to improve their work experience.

Using our Meeting Canoe format, each session is designed so participants feel welcome and connected to each other and the issues facing the organization. They discover what is important to them at work and why. And they imagine a different way of working together — deciding what they want to do and how they want to do it. By the end of the workshop they will have identified the next steps toward creating real change.


We customize the Everyday Employee Engagement workshop series so that it fits your organization and its culture. Together we develop the conversations and the format for each session. Then along with your leadership we facilitate the Everyday Employee Engagement workshops in your organization.


We train your internal staff in the Everyday Employee Engagement process so that they can implement it in your organization. We then act as implementation coaches as they conduct the process.


"We have found a way to tap into the talents or our people in a way we never thought possible."
— KEVIN LIMBACH, Vice President, US Operations, TaylorMade-adidas Golf

"At Boeing Commercial Engineering, employee satisfaction increased 40% along with many productivity improvements following the largest white-collar strike in US history."