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The LEADx Leadership Podcast - #087 End Your Meetings With These 3 Questions

LEADx Leadership Podcast
"In this episode, we’re going to talk about practical ways to make your meetings more effective with our guest, Dick Axelrod. He founded The Axelrod Group, a consulting firm that pioneered the use of employee involvement to effect large scale organizational change. His clients include Boeing, Harley-Davidson, Novartis and Coca-Cola. His book is Let’s Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done." — The LEADx Show with Kevin Kruse

An interview with Dick Axelrod: Creating Productive Team Meeting Practices in Organizations

The Chi-To-Be! Experience Radio Show Podcast with Stacey

Ugh, meetings. They're where productivity goes to die, right? There has to be a better way. According to leading consultants Dick and Emily Axelrod, there is. Using the same principles that make video games so engaging and that transformed the numbing assembly line into the dynamic shop floor, the Axelrods outline a flexible and adaptable system used to run truly productive meetings in all kinds of organizations' meetings where people create concrete plans, accomplish tasks, build connections, and move projects forward. Recorded April 6, 2017.

Work that Matters Podcast with Shawn Murphy: August 18, 2014

The Small Business Digest Interview with Dick Axelrod

Donald Mazzella of The Small Business Digest interviews Dick Axelrod about his new book, Let's Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done


Dick and Emily Axelrod Interviewed on “Money For Lunch” Radio Show


Dick Axelrod Discusses Employee Engagement

Organizational change pioneer Richard H. Axelrod explains why the old mechanistic approaches to change no longer work and offers four essential new principles that lead to an engaged organization:

  • Widen the Circle of Involvement
  • Connect People to Each Other and Ideas
  • Create Communities for Action
  • Practice Democratic Principles

The New Change Management

Dick Axelrod speaks with Peter Koestenbaum

Dick Axelrod speaks with Peter Koestenbaum, Ph.D., founder of the Leadership Diamond®, PiB and the Koestenbaum Institute. Peter brings leadership philosophy to business people worldwide. He has been close to business executives and their deepest concerns, sharing insights, feelings, new perspectives and more serviceable adaptations.

Organizational Design in Action

The Engaging Brand Podcast

Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand podcast interviews Dick Axelrod about the priniciples behind his landmark book Terms of Engagement. Listen to the podcast at

Employee Engagement Network with David Zinger

David Zinger of The Employee Engagement Network talks with Dick Axelrod during a webinar to discuss Employee Engagement and Change Management.

Emily Axelrod Discusses the Book "You Don't Have To Do It Alone"