Self-Directed Work Teams

Self-Directed Work Teams

Self-Directed Work Teams: A Key to Success

  • Take a whole systems approach
  • Create a multi-team structured organization rather than promote a single team approach
  • Involve people in the design of the jobs and teams that make up the team-based organization

Create Teams That Do Meaningful Work

  • Create teams that make a difference to people within the team and outside of the team
  • Provide the team with enough decision-making autonomy
  • Make sure the team gets accurate and reliable information about its performance
  • Provide leadership support

In a highly participatory approach to creating self-directed teams, people experience working in self-directed teams as they create self-directed work teams. People examine their current circumstances, identify key disconnects, and determine the future they want to create. You’ll be surprised at how fast self-directed teams spring forward with a life of their own.

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