Meetings Got You Down? You Are Not Alone

The knee-jerk response to these statistics is to eliminate unnecessary meetings. (HBR Meeting Decision Tree)  We agree that makes sense. But if that is all you do, all you have is fewer […] Continue reading

An Interview with Dick Axelrod: Creating Productive Team Meeting Practices in Organisations

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Ask These 12 Questions to Help You Hold More Productive Business Meetings

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Sit. Stay. – Guest Post by Sharon Jordan-Evans and Beverly Kaye

The Stay Interview… key to engaging and retaining talent Sit. Stay. That command works for your dog (maybe). But does it work for engaging and keeping the talented employees you cannot afford […] Continue reading

The Face of Courage

“I’m dying.” Jamie’s strong vibrant voice uttered these words as Emily and I, along with friends and family, gathered at a healing ceremony to honor, support, and show our love for Jamie […] Continue reading

Musing about meetings: Two big mistakes we make in meetings

When I learned to canoe, the first things I was taught was how to enter and leave a canoe and what to do if the canoe turned over. I was told that […] Continue reading

It’s Not Fair

A joint post by Dick and Emily Axelrod Have you ever had this experience? A red-faced, foot-stomping child yells at the top of their voice, “That’s not fair!” “Life isn’t fair,” you respond, […] Continue reading

5 Questions to Create a Compelling Purpose for Change

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Tips for Introverts in Meetings – Guest Post by Jennifer Kahnweiler

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Engaging Millennials: 5 Core Engagement Factors Your Meetings Must Have

Millennials are continuous learners, team players, collaborators, achievement-oriented, socially conscious, and highly educated. Like many of us, they hate to have their time wasted in meetings that become soul-sucking chores. The experience […] Continue reading

How to Change Your Company Culture One Meeting at a Time

Dick Axelrod was happy to do this guest post for the good people at Switch & Shift. Like The Axelrod Group, Switch & Shift believes there is a more human way to […] Continue reading

Are Meetings Keystone Habits?

When we think of habits we often think of bad habits, when in fact habits are efficient patterns of behavior. Habits allow us to make routine decisions without having to rethink them […] Continue reading